Has Your iPhone’s Home Button Gone Gummy? Here’s How To Fix It

iPhone Home ButtonLet’s face it, iPhones are awesome, they have great build quality and great design. But with only one button being pressed so many times in one day, it’s sure to become unresponsive after a while, or at least feel a bit softer than it did before. This can be annoying if you are constantly flicking through apps like I am, well luckily there is a fix.

You can re-calibrate your iPhone’s home button by doing a sequence of steps which are shown below;

1. Open one of your stock apps, such as Maps, YouTube, or anything that came with your iPhone as standard.
2. When the application is fully loaded hold down the power button, until the “slide to power off” slider shows up.
3. Once the slider has appeared, press and hold the home button until the iPhone re-navigates you to your home screen.
4. Your iPhone’s home button has been re-calibrated and should now be as responsive as ever.

This may be the answer to many people’s woes, it helped my iPad 1st gen quite a lot, iOS now recognizes my home button a lot quicker than before.