Google Tests New Email Subscription Ads


Love it or hate it, Google has a new ad subscription tool that allows companies to purchase ads that already contain a space for subscribing to their newsletter. If the user is logged in to his or her Google account, their email address will be pre-loaded into this box, allowing them to simply click subscribe and be done. Their email is then sent directly to the company, adding them to the newsletter list.

As always, Google has covered all their bases on this one. Clicking the privacy button to the right of the subscribe to newsletter button will display the following:

When you submit this form, your email address will be sent to the advertiser. It seems quite obvious to most of us, but it does cover them should anyone have a problem.

Now, it doesn’t seem that this feature of Google ads has officially launched full scale at this time due to the lack of companies choosing to take out these ads. It looks to still be in testing phases. I browsed for quite a while, and was able to find about five companies with this feature on their ad. These included AWeber, Contact Consultant, and It has been rumored that Honda has also taken out on of these new ads, though we can not confirm that here at TheAppleGoogle, as we were unable to find the ad.

I do have a feeling, that once these new Google Ad options become available, we will start to see quite a few big named companies taking advantage of these easy to use subscription ads. My question to you is this: would you take advantage of these ads upon their release to see if you could add some subscribers to your businesses newsletter? Let us know down in the comments.