Click Christmas Themed Pictures in Realtime With Christmas Face for iOS

Christmas is almost here and in the App Store Christmas Apps are starting to make their way. One of them is “Christmas Face”. It’s a cute App and really fun. When you first fire this app, you will notice 16 default frames. The frames are of various categories all suitable for Christmas. One frame includes a Santa, the other one is of a girl wearing a hat, a semi-nude women wearing a red hat and many more. Select any one of these frames and then the App gives you an option of taking a picture or add the frame to an existing picture. Choose any one of it and after you get the picture, it shows up in the frame.

If you have a santa clause frame selected, then there is a portion of the face on which you have to adjust your picture. You can simply put your face in the hole that will be a part of every frame. Basically you just have to adjust your picture according to the selected frame and then you have your own christmas picture that you can share with your friends. You can share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or simply save it to your photo album. Christmas Face is a great app and I think it is just hillarious, not to mention it is also a very “cute app”. The overall interface is suitable for everyone and it is really easy to go through the app itself. The only negative is that they have only 16 frames which even though isn’t that less but they should bring out more frame designs.

At the end of the day, Christmas Face is a fun App that should be downloaded this Christmas season for some fun photo sharing. You can get it from the App Store for just $1.99.

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