Apple Will Have To Redesign the iPad to Increase the Resolution

If you have been up to date with all the iPad 3 rumors lately, you will notice that the preliminary iPad 3 resolution is rumored to be 2048 x 1536. This is all great, but will the current LED lighting work efficiently on that type of resolution? Two Taiwan LED backlight vendors don’t seam to think so. They believe that at that resolution, LED backlighting is needed rather than a single LED bar, which is what the iPad is running at the moment.

These vendors have given Apple the choice of 2 LED backlit displays, they are both manufactured differently and will both probably require a redesign of the iPad. In addition, the iPad will have to be manufactured differently. At 132ppi the iPad and the iPad 2 are no match for the iPhone 4/4S’ 326ppi. The new backlit screens will give a ppi of 264, which is getting closer but still not quite as much as the iPhone’s.

Remember, these details are just rumors, so this information is just a prediction of what the new iPad could possibly have, but none the less this would be awesome and would get the iPad up to date with Apple’s reputation of exceptional display quality.

(Ppi =  Pixels per inch)

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