Apple Is Removing Cloud-Based Music Apps from the App Store


We all know that Apple dosen’t approve of other companies being ahead of them in the market. One of their typical actions occurred again today. They have removed a third party App from the App Store which allows people to access their music and more on their iOS devices. Amazon’s Cloud Drive is a competitor to Apple’s iCloud service. Like iCloud it allows you to access photos, contacts, calendars and the addition of music and books. This App links directly with your Amazon ID and pushes your data to all of your iOS devices that you have the App installed on. Again, much like iCloud.

aMusic is not an App developed by Amazon, it was developed by a company called Interactive Innovative Solutions (IIS). The App was designed to link with Amazon’s service.

Cataloging music is important for companies offering services like iCloud as it gains the full access to the copyrighted data. If a company doesn’t catalog their service then the music label has legal right to discontinue the service when people upload copyrighted music to their streaming account.

This isn’t just happening with IIS. Apple have also delayed updates to the Google Music App and will perhaps restrict more Apps that do similar things in the future.

This is purely down to Apple wanting people to use the 25$ per year iTunes Match service. I don’t disagree with Apple on this one, why shouldn’t a company want people to use their service in their devices? This isn’t the first time that Apple have done this to a company, and it definitely will not be the last.

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