Apple Posts Record Breaking Figures for Black Friday Shopping Event

blackfridayaFollowing Apple’s annual Black Friday shopping event were some record breaking figures. The predictions that were made by Apple prior to this event were four times that of past years. They broke that record by 7pm this year.

One of the main reasons these figures were predicted so high is because of the amount of people who have become religious to shopping online over the past few years. Exact figures were not provided by the source however a comment was made saying that MacBook Air sales were particularly good. This was probably due to the specification that provided and the SSD that is thrown in with the ultra-thin 2011 machines.

On the whole, Black Friday sales brought in about $816million from the Internet, a 26% increase from last year. It was also believed that 75% of the Apple Stores across the globe were sold out of the iPhone 4S on Black Friday, and Apple was the fifth most visited online store on Black Friday.