New Versions of iPod Nano and iPod touch Announced

ipodThat was shocking. Apple has just updated iPod nano and the iPod touch. The new iPod nano now allows you to swipe between icons instead of seeing a grid making it easier to navigate. As the iPod nano was being used as a watch more and more, Apple has added 16 new clock faces for our pleasure.
ipod watch
The iPod nano will be available for $129 for 8GB nano and $149 for 16GB starting today.

Next, iPod touch. The iPod touch is the number one portable game player, and today even it has been updated. It will run iOS 5. It will also be capable of iCloud.

Now this one is amazing. Even the iPod touch will now be available in white starting October 12. And it appears that Apple just killed the iPod Classic. Yay!
ipod touch