Twittelator Neue for iOS 5 Has Inline Photos in Timeline

TwittelatorTwittelator Neue is a brand new and faster version of the popular Twittelator Twitter client for iOS 5. This new version looks gorgeous, and sports an exciting new feature that allows you to view photos inline, within your timeline itself.

Available for just $1.99 on the App Store, this Twitter client is simply remarkable and will make many users switch from the native Twitter App. It also previews websites so when you tap on them, they load instantly. The most thing is that it has got a beautiful design which makes it stand out.

Here is what Twittelator Neue is all about –

Where other Twitter clients think alike, we chose to think different. There’s the all-new Timeline Photos, which actually lets you *see* what your friends are tweeting about. Then there’s Multiple Timelines, which lets you easily keep up with what’s up. Perhaps you have a blog, band, or other alter-ego that has tweets of its very own. Multiple Accounts in Twittelator Neue will handle them all with ease; SimulTweet makes posting the same tweet from all of your multiple-personalities a breeze. The innovative features in Twittelator Neue are sure to delight.


• Timeline Photos
• Multiple Timelines – Add lists, searches, and other tweets alongside your Main Timeline.
• Multiple Accounts
• SimulTweet
• Conversation View
• Website Previews
• Drafts
• ReadItLater, OmniFocus, and Instapaper support
• Post images and movies to your choice of media host
• Tweet with your location
• And a whole lot more!

Twittelator Neue. Tweet different.