Siri Is Making Her Way To iPod touch Too

siri ipod touchWe were all disappointed when Siri wouldn’t appear on our iPhone 4 and iPad, but now 2 young hackers, euwars and rudolf77 have managed to come up with a jail break for the iPod touch so it can run Apple’s new assistant.

As you may have guessed, Siri isn’t fully functional on the iPod touch as it has to be connected to the internet to get a response from Apple’s servers, and these servers aren’t allowing Siri on an iPod touch to access it. From what I have interpreted from this, there is going to be a future update that will allow the ability to get a response from Siri and have the compatibility to function on other iOS devices.

But it is uncertain if Apple is going to respond to this gesture as they have clearly found out that hackers like euwars and rudolf77 have been trying to crack the code for a Siri jailbreak. Again, my instincts say that Apple will not give in to hackers and will find some way of stopping Siri on other devices.

via (Engadget)