iPhone 4S Lines Really Strong Around the Globe [PICS]

apple storeThis time, it is huge. Apple fans are lining up all around the globe to get their hands on iPhone 4S. Even Woz, Apple’s co-founder is in the line to get the much-anticipated device. People are believing that this is the last product on which Steve Jobs had his gold touch on, and so everyone is just wanting to get the iPhone 4S. We checked the Apple Store in Manchester, and the store just went out-of-stock. No more iPhone 4S available. What is the status about other locations? Let us know.

Here are the pictures of the iPhone 4S line in Manchester’s Apple Store.
apple store manchester

apple store lines manchester
iphone 4s

Updating. If you’ve got some pictures, notify us on Twitter at @theapplegoogle or send them in at pics@theapplegoogle.com. We will post them here.