Apple Gives Sudden Attention to iPhone 4S Battery Problems (Updated)

Battery on 4S

When you picked your iPhone 4S, you might have been too excited to care about the battery life, even though Apple says that it remains the same as the iPhone 4 inspite of the increased performance, and now it may be causing you some problems. Apple has now placed this issue in its high priority category.

Apple is investigating the problem by contacting iPhone 4S users that are experiencing bad battery life. The company was expecting an improvement of the battery from the iPhone 4, but it turns out that people are struggling to squeeze a day out of their new handsets. This is causing distress to a selection of users.

The Guardian is reporting that a user told them about an Apple engineer who had contacted them for getting a diagnostic report from the phone which was sent back to the Apple engineers to investigate.

It appears that in the US, different carriers are getting different results from the iPhones. Sprint seems to be the best performer to date. But none the less, this is definitely a bug with the new phones from Apple and the company appears to be working hard to rectify the problem and get it fixed promptly.

Despite all of this, some users are reporting on social media that they are getting excellent battery life out of their new iPhone 4S’, some are even reporting that they are getting up to about 3 days out of theirs. Incredible.

Apple hasn’t mentioned an announcement for a solution to this problem as of yet, but I am sure that it will not be long. Be sure to check back at this page to find out more when the news has been announced by Apple.


We have had more incoming news about the iPhone 4S battery issue and it appears that there is a temporary work around for this issue. The time zone setting in your phone is by default set to automatic. Apple has programmed iOS 5 wrong, so it is always using the public antennas for signal and to determine your location, even though it should only do this when you go through a different time zone. (more details will be up in a separate post)

To perform this temporary workaround you will need to head into the settings app on your iPhone. Click “General” the click “Date & Time” and finally slide the “Set Automatically” to the off position.