WordPress Updates iOS App, Adds Much-Needed Features

WordpressToday, WordPress released an awesome new update for the WordPress iOS App. This App has been on the App Store for a while, but it wasn’t polished enough, but rest assured as this update fixes that. The update basicaly makes it much easier to create and edit posts, such as many upgrades to the text editor and direct formatting buttons for links, adding quotes, and more.

While editing text, shortcuts for customizing your text have been added in the update so you can make your text bold, italicize it, easily add a link, add a strikethrough, and quote text, all this by using the buttons above the keyboard.

Below the text editing window, is a button for quick previews which allows you to see what the post will look like and you customize it accordingly. The App also has its own web browser, so you can check links while writing, without having to exit Safari and return back again, a useful feature.

As the App was so complicated and buggy earlier, I deleted it from my device, but with this update, WordPress has found a place in my screen yet again.

(Image Via TheNextWeb)

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