Sprint To Offer Apple iPad

sprintAccording to a report on Wednesday, the American carrier, “Sprint,” has finished preparations with Apple, and will offer the iPad to its customers, reportedly following the iPhone 5’s supposed release (7th October). The iPad that Sprint plans to offer will be a CDMA version.

According to another similar report yesterday, the iPad that Sprint will offer will be calable of running WiMax speeds and will be the first iPad to do so and the first ever 4G capable iPad. That report too claims that it will be available on 7th October, but 9to5Mac reports that Sprint will use that day to make the current Apple phone, the iPhone 4, available to its customers.

A leaked memo dispatched to Sprint employees informed them about a ‘Major phone announcement’ sometime during the first half of October, which proves that something is stirring up, whether it’s about the iPad or iPhone 5. 

If these reports are true, and Apple and Sprint offer the iPad to their customers, the US will have three carriers that will offer Apple products.

What do you think? Could these reports be true? And what “Major announcement” is Sprint talking about? Leave a comment below with what you think.