MK61+ Is A Programmable RPN Calculator for iPhone, And Very Advanced

MK61+ is a new iPhone App that gives you the power and functions of a RPN calculator right on your iPhone. Reverse Polish Notion is a mathematical calculation in which the operator follows the digit rather than being in between them. It is based on the Electronika MK 61 calculator, which is why the name “MK61+“.

For all math nerds and geeks, this is ‘the’ tool to have. This calculator for your iPhone can carry out complex mathematical equations instantly, and help you in your daily life. It is not meant to be a normal calculator, and normal people will find it somewhat different to use. A RPN calculator does not include an equal to key to compute results, and even brackets and parenthesis are unnecessary.
It’s the most advanced calculator we have noticed, and boy it is for some really serious calculations. To the basics, the design of the App is really amazing. The size of the buttons can be increased, but it is still workable. An amazing help guide is available for users who just can’t get it. You can instantly copy/paste items by tapping the calculator display. It’s got Operating stack with 5 registers and 15 indexed registers to hold results, program memory with 160 cells, and can be used for hexadecimal and binary operations.
mk61 iphone screenshot
Overall, the App is pretty complex, and is a must-have if you require to compute such calculations. For $1.99, you can get it from the App Store.