Future iPhones and iPads to Sport Curved Glass Displays?

apple curved glassAccording to a report by Digitimes, Apple and other handheld device manufacturers are planning to release their future devices with a medium-sized curving glass display, probably in the first half of next year.

“Suppliers of the non-Apple camp are working on products with curved cover glass in attempts to gain a competitive edge in the handheld device market dominated by Apple, sources in the glass industry said.

But Apple reportedly also has bought glass polishing equipment for its suppliers in preparation for the production of devices fitted with curved cover glass. Lens Technology, Fuji Crystal, G-Tech are said to be major cover glass suppliers of Apple. While Lens and Fuji focus on iPhones, G-Tech supplies mainly for iPad.”

Back in May, reports claimed curved glass in the iPhone 5, but according to the many cases produced for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S (or iPhone 4+) that certainly does not appear to be the likely scenario.

The duration during which Digitimes reports the future products with the curved glass displays will be released has got us thinking. Which devices are going to be released then? The iPad 3 will most probably be released then, but will it feature curved glass?

(Image via Flickr user BarrySherbeck)

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