Amazon’s Appstore Reaches Other Countries

As is everything on, their Appstore has been a great place to pick up Apps for your Android devices. With the one paid App for free for a day program, Amazon has managed to capture a lot of Android hearts. However ever since it’s launch, this AppStore has only been available in the U.S.A, which is of disadvantage to users outside the country such as myself. It now appears though as if the restrictions have been lifted.

At first it seemed that the AppStore was only available in Europe. But now it appears that it has been made available to countries outside of even Europe. Currently, I am in the Central American country of Panama. When I head about this news, I decided that I would see if it worked on my phone. Sure enough I downloaded the Amazon Appstore and was able to download free apps with it. So it seems as if Amazon has opened its Appstore to a large majority of the world.

As to why Amazon just randomly decided to lift its regional restrictions, that is still a mystery. It could be that Amazon is testing stress levels of the Appstore. Or it could be a mistake and Amazon hasn’t turned on the restrictions again. Hopefully that’s not the case. Either way I’m going to take full advantage of it while I can.