2/3rds of All Google Searches on Mobile Happen on iOS Devices

google iphoneA high level employee in Google’s legal department, and a former FTC official, Suzanne Michel, testified in court today at the Senate Judiciary hearings that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all wanted to be the default search engine for the Safari internet browser on all iOS devices.

You would probably think that Android mobile devices might have more mobile Google searches due to the considerable amount of integration it has into the OS, but apparently that’s not true.

At the end of her testimony, Michel claimed that 2/3rds of all Mobile Google searches take place on Apple iOS devices, which is bound to give the popular search engine a winning hand as being the default search engine on all Apple iOS Devices. Apparently Yahoo and Bing both want to be the default search engine on Safari, and although Apple does allow users to change the option, the default has always been Google which is pretty obvious.

(Via 9to5Mac)