Google’s All New Sign-In Page

google new sign inAs Google wants to offer users a unified design based experience on all its network sites, it has even redesigned its sign-in page that allows user to get access to Google services by logging in with their Google IDs. The new sign in page is in preview-mode, and can be tried by hitting the “Preview” button.

The most obvious change is the color pattern. The header now features a light gray color, and the sign-in box now says “Sign-in” along with a Google logo beside it.
google old sign in
“We’re working on a project to bring you a new and improved Google experience, and over the next few months, you’ll continue to see more updates to our look and feel.” said Google’s Creative Director for Digital, Chris Wiggins, in a blog post.

If you don’t happen to like the new design, you can always switch back to the old design. It is not clear as of now as to when this new design will permanently replace the older design.

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