Google Chrome Is Now Britain’s Second Most Popular Browser, Beats Firefox

chromeGoogle Chrome is now Britain’s second most popular browser, according to StatCounter. The analytical service recently revealed that Google Chrome has overtaken Firefox to become the second most widely used browser in Britain. Thanks to Google’s notorious advertising and marketing techniques, most people in Britain prefer Chrome over Firefox.

It is surprising that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still owns 45.51% market share. Google Chrome now holds a 22.12% of the browser market, while Firefox owns 21.65% market share. Overall, Chrome still remains at the third position.

With Google+ rising, and amazing new web-apps and extensions being made available in the Chrome Web Store, it won’t take long for it to become the most widely used browser worldwide. It is also rumored that Google will soon be releasing a new “multiple profiles” option for Google Chrome, and with Chrome OS also rising, Chrome’s growth is certain.