This Can Be iPhone 4S/5 [PICS]

apple pro iphoneApple is working on the next generation iPhone dubbed “iPhone 4S” or “iPhone 5”. Just like every other hardware release from Apple, leaked pictures start floating around the web that usually originate from China or Vietnam, and claim to be the exact unit of what Apple is going to release. So following the tradition, we have few pictures from who are showing off the next iPhone.

Looking at the pictures, the displayed iPhone looks pretty much like the iPhone 4 – in terms of design. It also sports the same 5.0 megapixel camera, same design, and does not appear to be thinner. The device is running Apple’s test OS, but on release it will feature iOS 5.
iphone 5 apple pro
Considering’s leaks related to the White iPhone 4, touch-screen iPod nano, and iPhone 4 related designs, this thing should be legitimate. If it is, well till now it looks like the same iPhone 4, but lets wait for some Steve-ian magic.