How To – Fix Lion’s Upside Down Scrolling

lion scrollIf you’ve updated your Mac to Lion which was released yesterday, you might notice that the scrolling directions have changed. It’s all upside down now. Scrolling down goes up, scrolling up goes down. If you aren’t comfortable with these new gesture controls, here’s the fix.

Simply hit the “Setting” App, and navigate to “Trackpad” settings. Under Trackpad settings, go to the “Scroll and Zoom” bar and and untick “Scroll with finger direction”.

That’s it! The scrolling will now work in the right way. You might also wanna take John Gruber’s advice on this thing.

john gruber tip

My number one Lion tip: No matter how wrong it feels, stick with the new trackpad scrolling direction. Give it a week.


  1. Bigg_jephree says

    I think it’s funny how his advice is to stick with it no matter how wrong it feels.  Of course if people force themselves they will get used to it eventually just like anything new… but why should they?  Just because Apple decided it’s better for us?

    and wait, who is John Gruber?

  2. Dmcgilvray says

    I noticed right away when using Lion for the first time today that the scrolling was “upside down.” But I had never noticed that it’s always been that way on the iPhone. And apparently the direction can’t be changed on the iPhone/iPad, so I’ll be sticking with it to see how long it takes to get used to. I imagine it won’t be very long since I’ve been doing it on the iPhone already! I’m using a Trackpad with an iMac at home, so it’s very similar to the feel of scrolling on the screen. It probably feels even more strange to Magic Mouse users. I guess this type of scrolling is likened to moving a piece of paper up to read things that are further down the page. Makes sense, although for most things we just move our eyes down the page instead of moving the page itself.   

  3. Slapp says

    If you do not have a Trackpad:   on an iMac,  Gears, then Mouse, then UNclick “Scroll direction: Natural”.  Everything will go back to normal.

  4. Arnold says

    Maybe next update Apple will also change the arrow buttons directions. As the up-arrow moves the page down. Touchpad now does the complete opposite. I never realized how complicating the logics behind scrolling can be…

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