Steve Jobs Mail Suggests iWeb Will Be Discontinued

iwebA recent mail of Steve Jobs posted by MacRumors appears to suggest that iWeb will be discontinued. While MacRumors has not posted a valid screenshot of the mail, it should be true. A customer sent a mail to Steve asking if he should find an alternative to iWeb’s website builder and someone to host his sites (iWeb), and Jobs replied saying “Yep.”.

In his ever charming short form replies, this reply from Steve suggests that just like MobileMe, Apple is going to discontinue iWeb, the popular website builder for the rest of us.

Q: Dear Mr. Jobs,

Will I need to find an alternative website builder and someone to host my sites?

I have invested a lot of time and effort and the thought of re-training sucks more than mobileme ever did.

A: Yep.

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We’ll have to see if Apple provides a better solution for developers and designers or if we have to switch to an alternative service.