Mail App Improved in iOS 5

20110607-065859.jpgWith iOS 5, Apple has added over 200 new features to iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. iOS 5 will include Notification Center, Newstand, Reminders, and more. Apple has also modified the Mail App on iOS devices to make it even more powerful.

The updated version of the Mail App in iOS 5 will include better options for customizing mail by making text bold, italics, or by underlining text. You can even rearrange address fields by simply dragging them, crate indents in the text of your message, and even flag mails.

You can also now add new mailboxes instantly or remove the by simply swiping across them. With iCloud, you will be able to keep all your mail accounts in sync. In mail, you can now even tap on a word to look up it’s meaning, and S/MIME has been implemented for Exchange users.