Bamboo Paper Is A Handwriting App for iPad, Lacks Features

bamboo paperBamboo Paper is yet another note taking application for the iPad with a twist. Bamboo Paper can be used with the Bamboo Stylus that makes handwriting on iPad extremely smooth. It works as a whiteboard for mapping down all your ideas, and is similar to NoteShelf HD or Adobe Ideas.

Let’s get down to what’s unique. The interface is plain and simple, and does not distract a lot. You can adjust the size and color ot strokes, and customize certain elements to make your outline look good. You can bookmark pages, print pages, and clear pages instantly. Thats all!
macworld drawing uising bamboo paper
Now let’s get to what’s horrible. Bamboo Paper needs a lot of work it does not pair well with multitasking, does not support landscape view, does not offer super-unique features as “wrist protection (Noteshelf does)”, and does not allow you to create multiple notebooks (even if it does, it is super complicated).

The most interesting part of the App is that it is free. If you are looking for a free App to draw things, Adobe Ideas is still better with far more options. If you are looking for even more features than Adobe Ideas, get NoteShelf HD or Penultimate.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 6/10

Get it from here.

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