Review – Sand Slides for iOS

sand slidesSand Slides for iOS is a fun game in which you need to use your wits to direct the sands falling into the correct container that matches the color of the sand. The concept is well-thought, and you need to be quick to act and direct the sands into their respective containers.

By drawing lines across the screen, you can get the sand to flow from the above containers into the right containers that match the color of the sand. A timer is also associated with each container, so you need to be quick and draw lines in a manner that direct the sand in the right direction. You can choose between easy, medium, and hard levels, and if the timer moves on too quickly, and you are not able to draw the proper lines, you can even draw a bag like shape to store the sand for a while. Every line drawn is also associated with a timer, and after a specific interval of time, they disappear automatically. You can only cross two lines at a moment, and the game gets quite challenging after a while.
The App also includes a tutorial that shows you how to play the game. As you play the game, and continue to build up your scores, you can even upload it online to make the competition tougher. Sand Slides is also compatible with Game Center and includes over 75 achievements that can be unlocked. Although the game is fun to play, on iPad, the game does not fit the entire screen. The gameplay is neat, but the graphics need to be worked on. Overall, the experience is thrilling, and the game is addictive.
You can get the App from here.