MetalStorm Brings Realistic Flight Simulation to iOS

metalstormIf any game can bring realistic flight simulation to iOS devices, it is MetalStorm. This new game has been on the top of the top free iPad games chart for quite a while now. The game is extremely exciting, and with its amazing graphics, it is fun to play.

With different types of missiles, unlocks, upgrades, flight purchases, and more, MetalStorm can keep you engaged for hours. The game is free for download, but features in-app purchases that allow you to upgrade your airplane. MetalStorm is completely Game Center based and allows you to compete with friends online.

Controlling your aircraft is all based on the accelerometer which means that if you tilt the device, you’d help your plane navigate. Your objective in the game is to have a completely equipped plane with which you need to bring down your opponents. With different types of missiles available to fire, and ultimate control, the game is a must-have.

The only barrier is that you cannot access the game without an active internet connection. You need to be connected in order to update your score on Game Center, and to buy upgrades. All in all, this game is really addictive.

Get it from here for free.