Google’s Virtual Prepaid Card – Your First $10 Will Be on Google

cardGoogle today announced Google Wallet and Google Offers. Along with these two services, Google has also announced something equally cool. Google Prepaid Card is a virtual card integrated with Google Wallet that allows you to make payments at Google Wallet acceptable locations. The card can be funded with any of your existing cards, and as soon as you set up your first Google Prepaid Card, Google will offer $10 which you can spend to test the service.

After spending the first free $10, you can recharge the card with your existing cards. The card is powered by MasterCard® and Money Network® and since it is virtual, you will not receive a plastic card with loads of documents. Receipts will be generated automatically, and the card will also maintain your history. No fees to top up your Google Prepaid Card needs to be payed at least until the end of 2011.