Google Music is Now Live

google musicAt Google I/O today, Google announced its much anticipated music services that compete with iTunes and Amazon Cloud Player. The Google Music service is currently in “beta”, and is available to users in the US only. It appears that Google has still not been able to convince the music labels, thus the service is limited at the moment.

As Google notes –

1. Welcome to Music Beta, a new service from Google that lets you store your personal collection online and access it instantly without the hassle of wires or syncing.

2. Enjoy your music anywhere — listen on any web browser or your smartphone or tablet running Android 2.2 or higher.

3. Save your favorite albums, artists, and playlists on your device so you can keep listening even when you’re not connected.

4. Create your own custom playlists or build them automatically from a single song.

With Google Music, you can keep all your music on your Android device, desktop, and table in sync, and can also listen to them offline (unlike Amazon cloud player). Unfortunately, the service is based on Flash, and crashes at times if you don’t have the latest Flash player on your system. Google also allows you to, *cough* import your iTunes library music collection to the Music Manager App, and upload it to the cloud. You can then access it from your Android device or from any other browser by logging into your Google account.
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You can request an invitation from here.