Exclusive – Screenshots of CineXPlayer 2.0

cinexplayer 2.0CineXPlayer was probably the first App that allowed you to play Xvid movies on your iOS device. The App is loved by many, and got tremendous coverage on launch day. It allows users to upload files via File Sharing under iTunes, and to play Xvid movies. The developer of the application has given us a sneak preview inside the next version of the App which includes some amazing features.

Firstly, the user interface has been completely redesigned. Everything from the icon to the movie list has been changed, and the App is now even more smooth. A new search bar, and short previews of movies have been added.

The App is launching at E3, and it includes one other amazing feature that the developer wants to reveal at E3 itself. So stay tuned.

Read out interview with the developer of CineXPlayer.

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