Terra is Mobile Safari Done Right

terra ipadAs Apple has loosened its grip on the App Store, a lot of third party browsers have been made available for iOS devices. A new browser from Readdle dubbed “Terra” has been a chart topper for the past week, and it is incredible to use. It is a lot like Safari with many additional features, and most of all – completely Free.

Terra brings tabbed browsing to the iPad, and makes navigation simple and efficient. Switching between tabs is smooth, and the overall tabbed experience is way better than Safari’s window previews. Terra also offers a complete file management solution, and allows you to download all sorts of files from the web, and play them using the proper App already installed on your iPad. You can even switch user agents, and get the desktop experience directly from the browser.
terra ipad 2
The browser also comes with Private browsing which does not store any history or cookies on your device. Bookmarks can also be imported from your desktop brows using File Sharing under iTunes, and the overall experience just feels right. For free, this App is a must have.