Larry Page Promotes Android, Chrome, and YouTube Development

Larry Page and Andy RubinThe new Google CEO, Larry Page has been brining about lots of changes in the company. For Google employees, the only way to get a good and healthy bonus is to do good in terms of social media. Both Google and Larry are clear that social media is the booming arena in which they need to invest.

Apart from social media, Larry Page has promoted Andy Rubin, Sundar Pichai and Salar Kamangar to report directly to him for their respective Android, Chrome and YouTube units. These members will now report directly to Larry Page about all advancements and long term deals. Larry wants Google to be as it was in its startup days, and focus more on long term advancements as well as serious challenges that the search engine giant faces.

“The idea is to empower people, let them take risks and give them more authority over decisions,” said a Google spokesperson.

via [eWeek]