Google Realtime Search Adds Quora, Facebook, Gowalla, and Buzz

quora googleGoogle’s realtime search feature allows you to search for queries in realtime. The realtime search engine usually featured results and links from Twitter, and sometimes Facebook, but today Google has added Quora, Gowalla, Buzz, and Facebook to its roster of services that provide results for realtime searches.

TechCrunch discovered the changes in a Quora thread, and the post was up-voted by the co-founder and CFO of Quora proving that the service has successfully been included in Google realtime searches. Google has also integrated its own social media service, Buzz to provide results, and Gowalla’s public data will be displayed from now on. Not all of Facebook’s data is indexed, only data from public Facebook Pages and Groups will appear in the results.

via (TechCrunch)