GoodReader Updated With Data Protection, AirPlay, and More

goodreaderGoodReader for iOS has been updated to version 3.6.0. The App allows you to view different files including music, video, books, PDF, and more from one single App. It also includes amazing sync capabilities, and powerful PDF annotation techniques. The update adds Data Protection to the App that encrypts individual files to prevent your files even if your device is stolen.

You can now also add symbols to PDF pages making them more accessible. Using AirPlay, you can play video files from your iOS device on your TV. Syncing data with cloud storages is now even faster, and the App is now much more stable. Loads of other features have been added to this all-in-one application like

goodreader for iOS

Data Protection. Now GoodReader takes advantage of iOS’s ability to encrypt individual files to make sure your data is secure even if your device gets lost or stolen. ATTENTION!!! Special procedures need to be performed (and also some limitations apply). Be ABSOLUTELY sure to read the “How-To” manual on this feature, if you want to use it.
Flatten PDF annotations. Now you can flatten your PDF files to embed annotations into the main PDF page body. This will make them visible in all PDF-capable apps (including Mail and Safari), regardless of those apps’ inability to display PDF annotations. This also makes your annotations non-editable, which may be useful if you want to prevent your notes and drawings from being altered by someone else. “Flatten” option is also available when sending files from GoodReader via EMail or via “Open In…” menu. GoodReader does the “smart flattening” – it preserves all existing PDF hyperlinks, while flattening notes and drawings.
symbolic PDF page labels are now supported. Use symbolic labels (i, ii, iii, etc.) to go to a page. This also addresses the issue when logical page 1 in a PDF document doesn’t correspond to physical page 1.
• PDF Annotations: improved compatibility of Typewriter notes and text boxes with Mac’s Preview app and Google Docs online viewer. All advanced properties (callouts, cloudy border, etc.) created in GoodReader should now be visible in those apps
• video files can now be played via AirPlay (iOS 4.3 or later)
• fixed the issue when only one audio track was played in the background
• improved connection to certain Microsoft IIS / Sharepoint WebDAV servers
• improved handling of untrusted server certificates when connecting to secure WebDAV, IMAP and POP3 servers
• faster syncing of large amount of small files with some secure servers (iDisk, Dropbox, SugarSync, etc.)
• faster SFTP downloads
• more stable SugarSync connection

You can get GoodReader from here.