Comparing the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store at the Same Time of the Day

apple store vs microsoft storeA user recently uploaded a picture that compares the traffic in the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store at the same time of the day. The Apple Store has got more people, many of them are Apple store geniuses and the customers are mostly at the Genius Bar (Apple’s in-store repair service). Microsoft’s store has got some people too, and Microsoft is advertising the new thin laptop from Samsung that competes with the MacBook Air.

via [Reddit][Imgur]

  • LJ

    You guys are idiots. This is obviously not true. These pictures were taken at different times. I have a mall with the Apple Store right next to the Microsoft Dtore and the Microsoft store is super busy and there’s crowds of people blocking the hallways because they are all competing with the Xbox. This is bullshit. Every Microsoft store I visit is more busy than Apple.