Apple Plans to Release iWeb for iPad

iwebApple has slowly been porting iLife applications from the Mac to the iPad in a move to integrate the two platforms. A new patent revealed by Patently Apple suggests that Apple even plans to bring iWeb to the iPad. iWeb for iPad will reportedly include multi-touch gestures, and will make designing and uploading a site directly from your iPad extremely simply.

Apple also wants to prove to the world that the iPad is a highly personal device, and it is not only for content-consumption but for content-creation too. As Garageband and iMovie both sync with Mac, iWeb will also probably include the capability. You could be sure that the application won’t be released at WWDC this year, but it should be out in 2012.
iweb ipad
You can learn more about the patent from Patently Apple. What do you think? Will Apple come out with iWeb for iPad?