Apple Files for Mac OS X “Lion” Trademark

lionApple has recently filed an official trademark request for the term “Lion” which is the next generation operating system for Mac to be released in spring. Apple is set to launch Lion this summer, and the beta is already out for developers. Lion combines the magic of the iPad with the power of OS X to produce something that is totally different, and goes well with the “Post PC” era.

Something interesting noted by PatentlyApple was the use of the word “Forest Green” in the filing. Taken from PatentlyApple

On April 12, 2011, the US Patent & Trademark Office officially published Apple’s latest trademark application for “Lion” under application 85288157. Apple’s trademark was filed under a single International Class 009 for computer operating systems. The interesting twist to this is that while Apple claims that “Lion” has no specific color, the example that they provided the USPTO with is certainly green.
It’s like a forest green and I was actually looking for my Pantone color book to verify a specific number when it dawned on me. This is a special green. It’s one the competition will be turning when they see Apple’s glorious new OS debut this fall. It’s called: Green with Envy. Obviously it’s an inside joke and one that I like: do you?