3 Billion Applications Downloaded from Android Market

androidApple’s patented ‘App Store’ has played a major role in the success of the iPhone. Many users believe that although the Android market has got a lot of applications, they are usually spammy and buggy. Developers prefered iOS because customers usually spent more money on iOS compared to Android. Google then revamped the Android Market user interface completely, and extended the paid model to different countries.

Soon developers started to like the platform, and more Apps emerged. Google lately revealed that users have downloaded over 3 billion applications from the Android market, and that they are experiencing huge amount activity in the marketplace for Android Apps. Along with the App numbers, Google also revealed that they are activating over 350,000 devices every day, and over 127 million activations in a year.
Google never mentioned the ratio of paid Apps to the free Apps in the store that customers bought, but it sure appears that Android is growing rapidly.

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