Top 5 iPad Apps for Creating Mockups

Creating mockup designs on the iPad is a charm considering the large touch screen display. With over 60,000 Apps that allow you to do some amazing stuff, it is hard to select the best. Some of the Apps mentioned below will help you create Mockups for your next project on your iPad.

1. iMockups – iMockups includes a wide range of designs and shapes common to the iOS platform and the web, including buttons, text areas, containers, iPhone icons, and loads more. The user interface is plain and stunning, and you can drag and drop the desired shapes onto the canvas to create the perfect mockup.

adobe ideas ipad

2. Adobe Ideas – This free App from Adobe is clearly a chart topper. It provides a full screen plain white canvas in which you can do anything freely. You can choose the color of the pencil, opacity, and the size too. You can choose any color you like, and start drawing. This App is amazing – after all a guy used it to make President Obama sign his iPad.

3. Noteshelf – Noteshelf is an application designed specifically for the iPad that allows you to write on the large screen freely. It features a stellar UI, and your projects are categorized in a way similar to iBooks. A lot of tools like wrist-protection, different kind of pencils, and variety of exporting options are also available. Noteshelf is a must-have.

4. Popplet – Not an App exactly for creating Mockups, but is an excellent tool for mind-mapping. You can use various bubbles and join them in any manner using a plethora of tools. A web based version is also available for a perfect sync combination.

5. Penultimate – Another handwriting application similar to Noteshelf with different options.