iFixit Reports About the iPad 2 Interiors

iFixit is best known for tearing down electronic devices as soon as they hit the market. The iPad 2 is no exception, and the folks have managed to completely take the parts apart to give us a detailed look at the interiors of the device.

They believe that iPad 2 is extremely comfortable to hold thanks to its 27% thinner screen. The iPad 2 has also got a new model number – A1395. They also found a 3.8V, 25 watt-hour unit. That’s just a hair more than the original iPad’s 24.8 watt-hours, so any improved battery performance should be attributed to software and other hardware improvements. Replacing the display assembly is extremely hard, and so the team gave the device a repairability score of 4/10. About the cameras – they are not up to the mark.

You can find the complete teardown here.

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