Google Search Gets More Social With +1, Competes With Facebook

+1Google has been making changes to its search engine to make it even more social. Today, the search engine giant has introduced +1 – a new social feature that allows you to +1 an article, video, website, and other things. As all +1 data is public, people connected with you will be able to notice the items you’ve +1’d and would consider that you liked the item.

+1 will be added on all Google sites across the web, if you enable +1 on non-Google sites, you can see recommendations from people you know when you view the same content that they’ve +1’d. The concept is basically that of the Facebook Like button, but it is much more public and integrates well with search. Starting from Wednesday, users who opt in for the +1 experiment will be able to +1 stuff, and even see +1’d stuff.
+1 google profile
The +1 idea will not remain confined to the search engine. Google even plans to implement it on Ads to make them more interactive and social. If you +1 an Ad, a message “recommended by friends” will appear next to it. It also appears that Google plans to make the service available to publishers who can use the +1 button next to their articles to further-more engage readers.

While +1 sounds interesting, we wish there was a -1 too.