360 Web Browser for iOS Comes With Themes, Plugins, Firefox Sync, Download Manager, and More

360 Web Browser from Digital Poke is a revolutionary new web browser for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that includes Firefox Sync capabilities, better download management, and is extremely customizable. The browser also features an inbuilt music player that allows you to control the music playback on your iOS device.

Switching to full-screen mode is extremely simple, and the amazing download manager lets you download songs, videos, documents and anything else directly from your iOS device. As the browser supports Firefox Sync, you can transfer all your browsing data from Firefox on your computer to your iOS device. With Firefox Sync, you can even transfer all the open tabs to your device.
360 web browser iphone
Additional themes can also be purchased using in-app purchases, and you can customize the browser in any way or form. By tapping a button, a circular object appears on the screen that allows you to instantly bookmark, share, instant search and other features. Different plugins are also compatible with the browser, and while the list is short now, it is growing. Tabs are of-course a part of 360 Web Browser, and the overall experience is extremely smooth and fun.

For only $0.99, 360 Web Browser is a must-have. You can get it from here.