Developer of Analytix App Speaks [DevDialogue]

analytix app

Analytix is a simple App developed for both iPhone and iPad that gives you access to Google Analytics in an extremely friendly and jaw dropping user interface. In this interview with Steve Reynolds of Analytix, we take a behind the scenes look, discuss about Apple’s rules, and look where the App is headed.

How did you start developing for iOS?

I decided to take the leap and buy a book and develop my first Twitter/Facebook app. It was really a baptism by fire, learning the App Store review process, as well as the strange coding convention compared to my web development experience.

What other additions can users expect to Analytix? Where do you think the App is headed?

That’s a good question. The plan with Analytix (and it’s sister app, ‘ClickyTouch’) was not to replicate the web version of the analytics packages. The app is mobile after all, so the feature set is consciously set with that in mind, and therefore big features aren’t planned.

Something I’d really like to do though is add push notifications as I have done for ‘ClickyTouch’. There’s some added complexity though with the Google APIs which may stop me proceeding with that. It’d be a great addition though.


Are the resources and tools provided by Apple for application development good enough?

I think so. The documentation can sometimes be a little tricky to understand, but that’s just due to the learning curve. StackOverflow solves everything else.


Can you describe your Eureka moment with the App?

It’s all around the API. I created a custom framework to hook into the Google APIs rather than use existing ones. Once you get so far ahead with this you get to the point where adding addition data objects is really simple. So adding new data types or filters is now a quick and rewarding process.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s Mac App Store?

I really like it. I’ve already submitted one app, which is waiting for review. I think long term it’ll be just as killer as the iOS App Store.

Your thoughts on Steve’s medical leave of absence from Apple. Will Apple be Apple in Steve’s absence?

Not sure on this one… I fear for an Apple with out Steve to be honest. Although I am fairly sure he’s done a great job of laying the foundations on how Apple should continue without him. If people like Jonathan Ives stick around, then there is hope.

What should Apple do to encourage its developers?

Be more open with them. They’re review process is still too closed, and developers feel left out in the dark. It’s also inconsistent which really needs dealing with.

Apple should also allow developers to respond to user reviews. They are so one way right now and there are a lot of very unreasonable customer reviews out there.

How do you compare your App to the competition?

Like I said before, my app is all about being mobile. Most other apps are trying to do everything, where I’ve tried to keep it simple. Some people love that, and others don’t. But they have alternatives.