Use USB Disk Pro for iOS to View and Store Documents


Imesart today announced USB Disk Pro for iPhone and iPad. USB Disk Pro is a file manager and viewer that can open a variety of file formats. Use File Sharing to transfer documents or media from iTunes to your iOS device and then use the App to view them.

sub disk pro

You can import PDF, MP3, Word files, Pictures, and more. You can create folders, add files to them, open email attachments using the App, and restore your last viewing postion.


USB Disk Pro can also connect with your Dropbox, iDisk and WebDAV account to import and export files and media. Transferring files is a fast procedure and the App is also capable of multi-tasking on iOS 4.2.

Get the App for $0.99 from the App Store.

Read our interview with the developers of USB Disk.

  • Milan Svec

    USB Disk Pro is a great organizer and tool for Dropbox files and folders management. Now I can read, edit, delete, copy, move or share all my files I need outside easy from my iPhone and everywhere.

  • Stvjns

    This doesnt really answer the question: what is it?  My current guess is that this is a usb flash drive with autoplay software that is somehow giving you file management capabilities when used with apple products such as the ipod touch and iPhone.

  • zyuan

    hello i got a question would i be able to save folder in this usb disk pro¬†version? cos i need to save a folder lets say v1.1 inside of update inside of another folder, i notice that it won’t let me do that with the free version

  • Buck_one_sw

    All that stuff listed above is wishful thinking! It is a program that has VERY limited capability regarding moving and opening files. Where is the manual hidden?