Top 5 Mac Apps from the Mac App Store

mac app store icon

The Mac App Store is now live and features over 100,000 Apps. Apple learnt from the success of its iOS App business and applied the same theory to the Mac. The store is simple, features amazing Apps, makes updating Apps extremely easy, and is a curated place for Apps of all kinds for the Mac.

In this post, we will highlight the five best applications that will help you enjoy your Mac even more.

angry birds mac

1. Angry Birds – Rovio made a bold move by porting its ultra successful game for touch screens to the Mac. The game is exactly the same, but instead of touching and swiping, you need to use the multitouch trackpad in order to control the birds and kill the pigs. The game is available for $4.99 and the price would go up after a while. Using the trackpad turns out to be extremely simple, efficient, and if you are good at Angry Birds, you won’t have an issue.

twitter mac

2. Twitter – Twitter for Mac features the same brilliant UI as that of the official Twitter App for the iPad. You get all your mentions, messages, tweets, and search buttons on the left pane and the data on the right. The App does not feature a built in browser and hitting a link would open your default browser. It is really lightweight and simple to use. Available for Free in the App Store. The App keeps on running and can be opened instantly from the icon placed in the menu bar. It also supports multiple accounts and notifications.

textwrangler mac

3. TextWrangler – If you are a developer, you are going to love this. TextWrangler is a free text and code editing software for the Mac. You can edit and create code using the intuitive user interface and connect via FTP and STFP.

clarus mac

4. Clarus – Own a pet? Then this is the ultimate application for you. You can manage all your important paperwork related to your pet using Clarus. You can even store documents, records, receipts, bill, and everything related to your pet in this App. The App has an extraordinary and amazingly helpful user interface. Available for $25.00.

djay mac

5. djay – Get the ultimate DJ App for your Mac! Djay for Mac automatically integrates with your iTunes library to import all your data and presents before you a complete and powerful DJ system.