How to – Remove Applications from your Mac

mac trash icon

Unlike Windows, Mac OS does not have an “Uninstall or Remove Applications” like program. Apple’s recently announced Mac App Store certainly makes installing Mac Apps extremely easy, but uninstalling them is not so direct.

It is a good idea to remove Apps that you don’t use and make your Mac free of bloat ware. Simply use any of the two methods mentioned below, and you’ll get to know how to remove applications installed on your Mac.


This method is direct and simple. Navigate to the applications folder on your Mac or go to USERNAME/Applications. You can also find the applications folder in your dock. All your installed applications would be listed there. Simply drag the application that you wish to remove to the trash icon on your dock, and the app would be removed instantly.


While the direct method helps you to remove the Apps, certain files are still left behind. To remove all files associated with the application, download an application uninstaller such as AppDelete or AppZapper and delete the application.

AppZapper is extremely easy to use and as the developers describe it – The uninstaller Apple forgot. Fire AppZapper, from the given list choose the program, drap and drop the application to the “Zap Zone”, and you’re done. The application would be removed instantly.

The application based method is much more efficient.