Number Porting Comes to Google Voice, Costs $20


Want to get all those amazing Google Voice features on your current mobile phone number? Try Google’s new Number Porting facility for all Google Voice users. Number Porting allows Google Voice users to make their normal carrier based phone number their prefered Google Voice number.

So, now even if people call you on your regular number, you will be able to enjoy all the amazing features offered by Google Voice. Number Porting costs $20 and according to Google, would be done within 24 hours. You will still need a carrier to receive calls on your mobile phone and after applying for Number Porting, you will need to contact a carrier to get a new mobile number and service plan. Though this new feature comes with a lot of strings attached, it is totally worth it.

To get started, log in to your Google Voice account, visit the Settings page and click on “Change / Port” next to your Google Voice number.

Number porting is currently only available for existing Voice users.