iPad 2 Screen Resolution Will Be 2048×1536

ipad screen

A new rumor suggests that the screen resolution of the next generation iPad would be 2048X1536, twice the size of the current generation tablet from Apple. Just as the iPhone, Apple plans to retain the 9.7 inch size of the tablet, but increase the screen resolution to offer a better display solution.

While 2048X1536 is an amazing resolution, it still stays behind Apple’s current Retina Display technology which has 25% more pixels per inch than the rumored iPad 2 display. Rafeed Choudhary dug deep and found out a new image in the iBooks App titled Wood Tile@2x.png. 2X here could refer to the iPad 2 display.

display ipad 2 woodtile ibooks

A bookmarking icon for the iBooks App was also found which was 1536X800 in size (twice). Apple would probably announce the next generation iPad in February along with iOS 4.3.