Interview With the Developers of Postpad [DevDialogue]


Postpad for iPad allows you to quickly create and send digital cards directly from your iPad. In this new digital age, the App fits perfectly. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, TapFuze – the developers of Postpad share with us their thoughts on the new Mac App Store, experience with Apple and the future of Postpad.

Postpad Allows you to create and share electronic cards using the iPad. How did you conceive of the idea for the App?

The idea for Postpad came during a time when I was living a long distance from my family and friends. I wanted to have a fun way to contact them without actually purchasing a card and dealing with snail mail. I also knew that email didn’t have enough of a spark to really capture my feelings. As a result, the idea for Postpad was born.


What do you feel about the Mac App Store? Do you think it has the potential to become as successful as its iOS counterpart?

The Mac App Store is revolutionary. It has the potential to completely change the way users search for and purchase software on their computers the same way the iOS App Store changed the game for mobile devices.

Postpad is only available for the iPad. Do you plan to port it to the iPhone and iPod Touch?

We would love to have Postpad become a universal App and our intentions are to do so. It’s just a matter of doing it correctly on such a small screen. We want to do it and we want to do it right.


How was your experience with Apple? How long did the approval process take?

Working with Apple has been wonderful. They have really improved many areas of the development process. What was once a two to three week waiting period for review is now only a couple of days. Postpad was approved within three days.

Can you describe your eureka moment with the App?

The App went through various stages of development. The design was continually changing. The great moment was when we realized how intuitive and simple the App could be with what is now it’s current layout. The real beauty of the App is that it takes a complex idea with a large host of features, and really simplifies them so the user can have a magical experience.

postpad 3

Can you give us a sneak peak into the future of the App? Do you plan to integrate Flickr or any other similar services to allow users to import pictures from the account and then share them?

The App is scheduled to have some amazing updates in the future. There are a host of new services that we would like to integrate, as well as plenty of new Postcard designs. Stay Tuned.