Google TV Gets New Partner, Dev Tools Coming Soon

google tv

The Google TV is neither a flop nor a success. It is somewhere in between. People who have tested the product, usually have two different opinions. In a blog post today, Google said that currently Google TV is in its early stages, and the future is bright. Let’s hope so!

They also announced that Vizio is Google TV’s new partner and they would be releasing a new line of TVs and a Blu-ray player incorporating Google TV that will hit shelves later this year.

The thing that really differentiated Google TV from the very beginning was Apps. In the early stages, Google said that the device would be able to run Apps. Google today announced that in 2011 the Android Market should come to Google TV. A whole new world of Apps for your television via the Market would be available and developers could use Google’s developers tools for building applications specifically for the TV.


  1. Nate says

    I am very excited to see what new apps they come out with for the Google TV and Television apps. As a DISH employee I know that the Logitech Revue works wonderful with the 722k receiver box! I will be paying close attention the Android Market to see if anything new has come out yet.

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