Google Goggles Solves Sudoku Puzzles


You’ve got to be kidding me. Today, Google Goggles received an update that takes it to version 1.3. Goggles is an amazing App that allows you to take a picture of anything and it would automatically scan the image and provide you with a relevant answer.

The recent update allows you to take a picture of an unsolved Sudoku puzzle and ask Goggles to solve it for you. Really. It’s amazing.

Simply point your phone’s camera to the sudoku puzzle, click a picture using Goggles and it would ask you if you’d want it to solve the puzzle for you. If you want, the software would even do that for you. A complete solved puzzle would be presented.

The update also adds faster barcode recognition, support for all print advertisements, but the Sudoku feature is amazing. Check out the video below and try it now. Goggles is available for both iPhone and Android.